Gaze out the window, naked

Peering through the tightly pulled mesh

Sun ablaze

Flowers, rather dried reeds waver in the air

I sought to tell you of it’s beauty

And breathe it down deep

But when I became naked

I thought to throw it all away

The haze of cirrus clouds paint the pale blue sky

Sun ablaze 

Birds flying in yonder air

Breeze whisper through the woods

And I heard a little murmur

But that’s when I was naked

I stammered for the drawer

The beauty was too much

And, maybe, me too little

My mind racing fast

I peeled off more than my sweater

To peer through the window

It’s lovely, it’s divine

But if I can’t stand wholly, honest, true

All the pictures seem empty from inside

If it’s all the same to you

Riles what you once knew

I can see myself now

May I gaze outside the window, naked

Sun ablaze


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